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Who are we?

TraXall Belgium helps large companies to meet their mobility needs by focusing not on the means of transport, but on the employee. We simplify the complex processes involved in managing your fleet and other means of transport with our user-friendly automation tools. In addition, we focus on shaping our customers’ vehicle policy and providing strategic advice. Our employees are proud to work at TraXall and to share their knowledge and experience with our customers to achieve mobility goals together.

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What do we do?

As a 100% independent fleet specialist, TraXall Belgium provides the full range of fleet management services from x to y.  As well as optimising fleet efficiency and reducing overall costs, we also have a clear focus on tailoring our services to the very unique needs of each customer and their drivers

Gestion relation conducteur Traxall

Direct communication with your drivers

Gestion Opérationnelle Traxall

The strategic and operational management of your fleet and other mobility needs

Gestion Budget Flottes Automobiles

Administrative assistance

Mission Flottes Automobiles

Our approach



Assist companies in managing their mobility and their relationship with drivers throughout the duration of the (rental leasing) contract for a company car or mobility solution.

Advising our clients on the optimisation of their mobility strategy from a financial, organisational, fiscal, technical and social point of view.

Cible Flottes Automobile
Objectifs Flottes Automobiles


Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of our customers’ fleet and guarantee a high quality experience for each and every company driver.


Knowledge and experience: our employees are customer-oriented and have the necessary knowledge to provide our customers with the most suitable service.

Neutral and transparent: we are 100% independent of all market players. Our revenue model is based solely on our clients’ fees.

Innovation: we spend a lot of time on innovation. As a result, we support our customers’ fleets more effectively and we have a better overview of mobility.

Operational excellence: we simplify complex processes at our customers and partners with our tools that cover everything from A to Z regarding fleet management and mobility.

Valeur Flottes Automobiles
Organisation De Notre Flottes Automobiles

Our organisation


Sales management

Would you like to know more about our services and how TraXall can help your business?
Please contact our sales manager.



Strategic Account Management

Our clients are assigned a strategic account manager who will get to know your business inside out and become an outsourced member of your team. This enables us to develop a solution that is tailored to your mobility needs.

Fleet management

The relationship with the drivers and the various partners involved is in the professional hands of our fleet and SBO teams.

SBO (Selection, Bidding & Ordering) management

Our SBO team manage the entire ordering process of our customer drivers’ new car.

Technical assistance

At TraXall, we manage and develop our own software systems. This allows us to respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers.


Cost control & Database

Our customers receive a clear and detailed overview of all costs from all suppliers and partners.

Implementation and processes

At the start of each new collaboration, our clients’ files are assigned to an implementation manager who ensures that the start-up runs smoothly.


Application management & Reporting

The proper functioning of our tools and the reporting for our customers is in the hands of the Application management team.

TraXall Talks

Fleet management: trends 2021

Fleet management: trends 2021

We noticed in 2020 that the world can change completely overnight. Companies were forced to make adjustments or completely reorientate themselves. In the fleet management sector, too, we saw clear shifts. Making a forecast for the coming year is therefore not easy....

Outils Traxall

Our tools

Transparency is extremely important in cooperation with our customers. With our tools, which we develop and manage ourselves, we offer your company a quality service. They have been developed primarily to automate and simplify the most important processes in the field of fleet management.


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Zandvoortstraat 45 C bus 30
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