Strategic Account Management

Ready for the future

As a customer of TraXall Belgium, you will be assigned a Strategic Account Manager who knows your company inside out and thinks along with you. The Strategic Account Manager is a trusted advisor to the client. So you are not alone. After all, managing a company fleet is intensive and involves a lot of work. Not only are there major changes in the market, but legislation and taxation is also moving fast.

The team of Strategic Account Managers is fully committed to serving our clients. Through regular business review meetings, they are keeping their eye on the ball. They track the company’s TCO trends and CO2 and tell you what to focus on. Moreover, they challenge our clients to do things differently and better. This is followed by an annual plan tailored to the market trends and vision of the company.

Our Strategic Account Managers are also the link between the customer and the internal organization at TraXall. They ensure that processes remain aligned and respect SLAs with all partners.

That way, your business is ready for the future.

Kurt Martens

Head of Account Management

Cédric de Buysere

Strategic Account Manager

Patricia Struys

Strategic Account Manager

Kurt Martens, Head of Account Management, talks in our TraXall TalX video series about declining tax deductions, rising carbon taxes and increasing benefits in kind and what steps are better to take.

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