TraXall Belgium expands its account management

Dream. Dare. Do. That could be the motto of TraXall Belgium. And that is why we have decided to further develop our account management. This way, we can support our customers even more and better in their mobility needs. Because one thing is certain: all companies face a major challenge when it comes to mobility. And lagging behind really isn’t an option anymore. That is why we want to support them fully and are looking for an extra Strategic Account Manager.

Kurt Martens, who was recently promoted as Head of Account management at TraXall Belgium, explains why and how we will tackle these new challenges.

“TraXall Belgium has grown tremendously over the last few years,” says Kurt. “Not only do we have more than 18,000 vehicles in full fleet management, but the number of employees has also increased significantly. And that is of course very nice, but it also means that we have to set new lines to ensure that we take our cooperation with suppliers, partners and customers to the next level.”

“Moreover, the mobility market has become more complex. It is no longer a simple choice between petrol and diesel. It is now more complex and time-consuming with different aspects to take into account,” he continues.

Changing legislation with major consequences for those who are lagging behind

“We have already successfully guided many customers towards greening their fleets. In 2021, we ordered 40% PHEVs and 14% Evs, and this evolution will continue at a rapid pace. Those who are left behind now are looking at skyrocketing costs and a complete decline in driver choice. Everything is evolving very fast because of the new legislation that is forcing companies to go faster than they initially thought. It is also no secret that the public charging infrastructure in this country is lagging behind, and not everyone can charge at home. It’s a complex issue where every route has its consequences. There is only one certainty: the costs of doing nothing are rising every day for companies as a result of legislation,” says Kurt.

Additional consulting and market knowledge

“In discussions with new customers, we often notice that they think they have the ideal solution in hand. But if we dig a little deeper, we see that they have not taken all aspects into account. It is therefore very important to calculate the full TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of company cars and to do this specifically according to the customer’s policy. If this has not yet been defined, this is the first step. After all, what your loading policy looks like has an influence on the full TCO and this must be taken into account. That full TCO methodology is the only way to get a realistic picture of the actual cost price of a company car, including the tax aspect.”

“It is clear that greening the fleet takes time and energy. The preparation of the electrification process, the communication and buy-in of employees… These are all issues that need to be approached strategically. Even after going live, it often turns out that adjustments are needed. That’s why it’s important for companies to be guided by an independent partner like TraXall who challenges them, makes them think long term and thus takes the company and mobility to the next level.”

New Strategic Account Manager

The complex market we are dealing with and the many questions show how important it is to consistently communicate our message and way of working. Therefore, TraXall Belgium is setting up a new structure where the Account Managers work within a clear framework and guide their clients in a coherent way. This way, knowledge and experience can be shared even more. Of course, there is room to be true to yourself and to show your personality.

“We are looking for reinforcement in this context. We are looking for a person who wants to build on this and make a difference for our large national and international customers. We also see this as someone who can connect at all levels in an organisation. A bridge builder who can win the respect, trust and credibility of all parties involved. Someone who can explain it well? Yes, that too, but don’t forget that a Strategic Account Manager is also a good listener,” says Kurt.

Are you the match we are looking for?

After reading this story, do you think “Yes, that’s something for me! Then let us hear from you. Send your CV to and we will contact you soon for an appointment.

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