6 challenges in managing an international fleet

International, multi-country organisations may encounter a number of challenges when managing their global vehicle fleet. We list these challenges below and give the solutions offered by the experts at TraXall International.

Lack of transparency
A transparent overview of the international fleet is often lacking in order to be able to make well-founded decisions in fleet management. Incomplete or missing information can lead to wrong decisions.
→ TraXall International offers the right solutions to achieve this transparency and support the right decisions, internationally and for each market.

Lack of expertise
Suppliers and leasing companies often have better information about the vehicle fleet than the companies they supply, which can lead to untapped potential.
→ TraXall International’s in-depth knowledge of the local market and its analysis of fleet data, ensures that its customers benefit from this potential.

Car policy challenge
The car policy is the basis of fleet management for bringing together the expectations of employees as well as the interests of the company. In addition, there is a considerable – and often hidden – contribution to the administrative and resource burden.
→ TraXall International balances the objectives of policy.

Lack of knowledge of potential savings
Many companies with internationally positioned vehicle fleets often do not realise the opportunities they have to optimise their fleet investments.
→ TraXall International proactively seeks efficiencies and works with you to deliver improvements.

The challenge of the supply chain and strategy
You ideally want data, control, cost-efficiency and fleet expertise in a single place … but you know you will have to compromise or pay the price somewhere to achieve this.
→ TraXall International is the solution. Sole Supply Simplicity: Multi-Supply Efficiency delivers continuous competition in every market, ensuring local market best pricing on every vehicle, while providing you and your business with single point of contact where everything is under control and data is absolute.

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