What does a Team Leader do at TraXall Belgium?

Do you know Simon Sinek’s quote? “A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.” At TraXall Belgium we are 100% behind this. And building that trust is one of the missions of our team leaders. In this article we let Nele speak. She is Team Leader of our fleet management & SBO (Selection, Bidding & Ordering) teams.

Nele graduated as a Germanist and immediately started working for a leasing company where she worked for 5 years. She then joined TraXall and celebrated her tenth working anniversary at the end of August. “Those years have flown by,” says Nele. “That’s because I’ve known TraXall from the start. I know where we come from and I know where I stand now. I’ve experienced that growth up close.” she adds.


A pivotal figure

The tasks of a Team Leader at TraXall are very broad and varied. “I supervise team members, train new employees, set team goals, formulate improvements for productivity and quality and ensure that processes with our customers are carried out effectively and efficiently. I am also a pivotal figure between my team members, our account managers, IT and management. So we are certainly not on our island. On the contrary. The cooperation with everyone in our company makes my job super fun”.

According to Nele, a good team leader has to create an inspiring environment with an open communication culture. “I also think it’s important that you develop the competencies and skills of your team members so that they get the best out of themselves. The content of my job also requires the ability to process many impulses. You have to be able to put a lot of things that come from different angles together like a puzzle,” she says.

“A weekly team meeting not only helps us to fine-tune everything but also to continue to strengthen the bond of trust. In these Corona times, when everyone works from home, that’s no superfluous luxury,” she adds.


A dynamic and fun company

“I cannot say that my job is monotonous. Every day we go the extra mile for our clients. Our sector is also constantly changing and that only makes it more exciting. The fact that I have been working at TraXall for 10 years shows that I am more than happy here. I have seen TraXall grow into the dynamic and fun company it is today. I am looking forward to the future.


Has Nele’s story inspired you and would you like to be part of TraXall Belgium? Then let us know for sure. Send your CV to info@traxall.be for the attention of Mia Hennebel and who knows, we’ll see you soon.

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