What does a Fleet Manager do at TraXall Belgium?

At TraXall Belgium the employees are central. They are committed every day to fully support our customers in the management of their fleet. Curious to find out how this works? Well, we are happy to give you a look behind the scenes. And who can do that better than our employees themselves. In this article we let Cédric Debuysere have a say. He is Fleet Manager at TraXall Belgium.

Cédric holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with a specialisation in event management. After a few years as a junior account manager in the communication and merchandising sector, he started at TraXall Belgium 6 years ago via a temporary employment agency. “My first conversation via the temporary employment agency was at TraXall and I quickly felt a click with the people around the table. There was no large reception desk but immediately a warm welcome from the people at TraXall themselves”, says Cédric.

Operational management using our own tools

“As Fleet Manager, we manage the fleets of large customers using our own tools. This enables us to analyse, moderate and professionally manage fleets. We mainly focus on confirming our customers’ car policies. Moreover, we are the first point of contact between the drivers and all parties involved in fleet management. In case of doubt, you can always contact TraXall. We provide tailor-made advice, assist drivers in all kinds of processes and facilitate the ordering of a new company car. After the car has been delivered, we ensure that it has the best possible service life and critically review the lease contract over the years until it is time to order a new car again.

According to Cédric, a good Fleet Manager is communicatively and organisationally strong, stress-resistant and critical and has analytical thinking skills. If you are also a team player then the match is complete.

Responsibility and freedom

“The automotive and HR sectors are changing rapidly. That makes my job even more interesting”, Cédric continues. “That brings challenges, of course. But I never have the feeling that I am on my own as Fleet Manager at TraXall. We take on those challenges every day with the whole company. There is a great sense of belonging at TraXall.

“I have nice, very diverse colleagues and that’s really enriching,” says Cédric. “It’s also a job with a lot of responsibility and contact points internally and externally, and on top of that I have the freedom to set my own agenda. The fact that a company car is part of the package is very important for me and my family”. He adds.

If you think after reading this story that you would like to become Cédric’s new colleague, let us know for sure. Send your CV to info@traxall.be for the attention of Mia Hennebel and who knows, see you soon.

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