What does a Strategic Account Manager do at TraXall Belgium?

It is impossible to describe the employees of TraXall Belgium in one word. We are all very different. One has been working there for a long time, the other has only just started. Some have a lot of experience in the mobility sector, others not at all. But we do have one thing in common: the passion with which we serve our customers. The people who closely guide our clients are our Strategic Account Managers. In this article, we let one of them speak, Kurt Martens.

Kurt is a commercial engineer and has a degree in communication sciences. He has already had a good track record with various companies: first a technical job, soon after account and project management positions in a leasing company where he learned everything about leasing but also experience in companies linked to fleet management. With a lot of relevant knowledge in his pocket, Kurt joined TraXall Belgium last year.

A confidant

“As a Strategic Account Manager, I guide clients strategically. I am a SPOC, Single Point of Contact, for our clients, especially if they need help, want to implement change processes or if they want to set up a benchmark, for example,” says Kurt. “But in my opinion, the first task of an account manager is to be a confidant for our clients. That also means taking care of relationships with other people at TraXall,” he adds.

“At our customers, I have contact with fleet managers, CFOs, HR and Procurement staff. Each of these have different needs and it’s up to me to challenge them and let them experience things from different points of view. The automotive and mobility sector touches on so many things within a company. It also represents a big cost for a company. That is why I think it is so important to have a good relationship of trust”.

“As an account manager you need a lot of empathy and commercial flair, preferably with your own colour. I like it so much that customers send me a message to wish me a happy holiday. But I too dare to sing “happy birthday” on the voice mail of a birthday customer”, Kurt laughs.

A company with a heart focused on the future

“I love working at TraXall. It is a company with many ambitions. A company that wants to grow and invest in the future. It is also a company with a heart for its customers but also for its employees. When the lockdown started in mid-March and it was not at all easy to work in quarantine from home, we were sent home with an encouraging message. It’s those little things that really make a difference to me”.

Does Kurt’s enthusiasm work infectiously for you and would you like to be part of TraXall Belgium? Then let us know for sure. Send your CV to info@traxall.be for the attention of Mia Hennebel and who knows, we’ll see you soon.

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