What does a Application & Reporting Specialist do at TraXall Belgium?

Working at TraXall Belgium also means growing and learning a lot. Kevin Smets proves this. He is an Application & Reporting Specialist at TraXall Belgium. We let him talk about what he does, what he is proud of and what he appreciates so much about TraXall Belgium as an employer.

Kevin has worked for TraXall Belgium for almost 10 years. “I started out as a cost controller. That was in line with what I had studied,” says Kevin. “But over the years I found it interesting to solve problems or to assist where necessary. I also always had a passion for IT. That’s how I evolved to the position I do today: Application & Reporting Specialist. And I am very happy with that”.

Wide range of responsibilities

Kevin’s function is very broad. He has a wide range of responsibilities. “First and foremost, I take care of our ICT equipment: installing screens, laptops, printers, etc. If someone starts new with us, I make sure that that person is fully operational at the start and can start working immediately,” says Kevin. “I also supervise the start-up phase of new customers behind the scenes. I build up the database in our system and set up the TraXall Car Configurator with all the necessary settings tailored to the customer’s needs,” he continues. “Together with our Strategic Account Managers, I draw up reports and we look at the possibilities of our systems to better meet the needs of our customers. We brainstorm together about how we can simplify complex processes at our clients and how we can translate this concretely into our systems. If there are any problems, I am the first-line help. Finally, TraXall International can contact me for Belgian reports from international customers.

Real-time visibility

“At the beginning of 2020, together with our TraXall colleagues from France, I set up the TraXall Data Analyst, a reporting tool for our customers to do their own analysis of their fleet. Among other things, each customer gets a real-time view on how many active cars they have, how many are on order, how many cars are decommissioned this year and how many pool cars they have. By clicking further, you’ll get more detailed information about cost analysis, CO2, fuel and so on,” says Kevin. “A real added value for all our customers. They are very enthusiastic about this new development. The positive feedback of course makes me quite proud,” he admits.

It is clear that Kevin gets a lot of satisfaction from his job at TraXall Belgium. “I really appreciate the fact that I can constantly learn new things. In this position, I can fully indulge myself. Moreover, TraXall is an employer who believes in people and in their growth. I have the freedom to do my job however I want. And that with a nice gang of friendly colleagues around me. That makes me happy.

After reading Kevin’s story, are you interested in working at TraXall Belgium? Then let us know for sure. Send your CV to info@traxall.be for the attention of Mia Hennebel and who knows, we’ll see you soon.


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