Wat does a Cost Control & Database Specialist do at TraXall Belgium?

A company that is people-oriented means offering employees opportunities and giving them the freedom to develop both personally and professionally. At TraXall Belgium we have many great examples of this. In this article we let Lindsay Van Assche speak. As a Cost Control & Database Specialist she ended up at TraXall Belgium without any experience in the automotive sector. Today, she looks back on a beautiful track and shares her inspiring story.

“I joined TraXall Belgium almost 5 years ago as a temporary administrative assistant. Until then, I had already had several jobs, including in retail. Soon it turned out that I found my niche at TraXall Belgium. I got a permanent contract as Fleet Manager SBO (Selection, Bidding & Offering). In this way I quickly learned the tricks of the trade and was in close contact with our customers. Since April of this year I switched over and as Cost Control & Database Specialist I take care of the processing of the invoicing,” says Lindsay.

A clear and detailed overview

“Managing mobility solutions for our customers involves a lot of administration. It is my job to process invoices and provide accounting files. In addition, I also carry out a cost check per customer and adjust our database where necessary,” summarises Lindsay. “Every month our customers receive a clear and detailed overview of all costs from all suppliers such as leasing companies, fuel suppliers, and others. So we provide all the details per cost type and per GL account as we determined with our customers at the beginning of our partnership. This document allows them to pay their invoices and process them into their accounting system without having to worry about whether everything is correct. Because we take care of that control,” Lindsay continues.

Feeling of trust

“What I appreciate so much about TraXall Belgium as an employer is first and foremost the opportunity I was given when I started here as a temporary worker. Now, almost 5 years later, I am very satisfied with my job and everything I have learned. That feeling of mutual trust is worth a lot. I only see benefits: job security, the perfect balance between work and family and the pleasant moments with colleagues,” says Lindsay. “Until before the Covid pandemic, we regularly organised dinners or other team-building events. Now, of course, we only hear each other online. But the little attention we receive at home from TraXall such as Easter eggs and Halloween sweets make teleworking more enjoyable. Although I have to admit that I am already looking forward to our upcoming events with the whole team together”.

After reading Lindsay’s story, are you interested in working at TraXall Belgium? Then be sure to let us know. Send your CV to info@traxall.be for the attention of Mia Hennebel and who knows, see you soon.

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