Matexi opts for a sustainable fleet and streamlined processes

Matexi, the largest neighbourhood developer in our country, is committed to taking care of the planet. The company creates sustainable homes and living spaces, and is now extending this approach to its company vehicles for its staff. In fact, they have already decided to use an all-electric fleet and are adapting their entire mobility policy accordingly.

Hendrik Bollion, Facilities & Human Resource Services Manager at Matexi, indicated: “The outsourcing of our daily fleet management had been a possibility for a while. We had already taken the first step towards electrification by providing sustainable alternative transport options along with a company car. Our goal is to switch completely to a zero-emission fleet by the end of 2027. In recent years, this has been managed internally by colleagues at Matexi. We realised that it was no longer feasible to follow up on our Matexi Mobility Plan only internally. Moreover, legislation and taxation are evolving so rapidly that external experts provide significant added value for us.”

“After an extensive selection process, we decided to partner with TraXall Belgium. In addition to managing our fleet management, TraXall Belgium helps us enhance our processes and tactically assess how we can further improve our mobility plan. Because of the tax changes on 1 July and thanks to TraXall’s expertise, everything then gained momentum.” Hendrik continues.

“We inspire and motivate our colleagues by, among other things, providing a charging station at their homes. And, of course, they can charge electrically at work via 14 charging stations spread across our 11 regional offices. We plan to expand our charging capacity even further in the future. Our priority is to further improve our current policy together with TraXall.”

Bart Van Elsacker, Consulting & Project Manager at TraXall, confirms that: “Following the electrification at Matexi, we are now automating the fleet management processes. Since the work does not end at the go-live of our partnership. Apart from handling the operational fleet management of all company vehicles, we continually search for process improvements and ways to streamline processes and automate payroll data, among other things. We also assist Matexi in selecting the right partner, for example for pool management. When a business has multiple branches, it can be a challenge to efficiently manage the cars handed in for expertise at the various locations and add them to the fleet for pool management. In that case, we perform an analysis and recommend the most appropriate partner.”

Leomond WoudaLeomont Wouda, Managing Director of TraXall Belgium, adds: “During the implementation phase, we tackled several projects to improve Matexi’s existing fleet policy. However, the actions already taken by Matexi and the professionalism they demonstrated in making critical decisions and inspiring employees, are a great example of a committed market leader. Therefore, we are very proud to welcome Matexi to our community of customers.”


TraXall services for Matexi:

  • Consulting for process optimisation
  • Selection supplier pool management
  • Operational and strategic fleet management

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