Interview with Leomont Wouda

Many companies have a need for mobility and fleet management but finding the right solution is a challenging exercise. There are many parties involved and they have to deal with the transition to a greener fleet and changing taxation. In this first episode of our new video series, we discuss efficient fleet management with Leomont Wouda, Managing Director of TraXall Belgium.

On the origins of TraXall Belgium
Leomont Wouda: “We noticed that many companies had a need for mobility and fleet management but finding the right solution was a challenging exercise. There are many parties involved, such as leasing companies, chargepoint providers, fuel card suppliers, pool car management companies.
In addition to this, you also have to deal with the transition to a greener fleet and changing taxation.
All these things make it very difficult to make the right choice and to keep within budget.”

What does TraXall Belgium do?
Leomont Wouda: “We take over the role of the internal fleet manager and other stakeholders. and manage the entire fleet on their behalf operationally, tactically and strategically.
We work as a single point of contact for our customers and stand, in a way, between the customer and its suppliers, always working on the basis of fairness and transparency – a kind of tripartite agreement. We are the point of contact for stakeholders such as HR, Finance and Procurement, and have a helpdesk for all our customers’ drivers to assist with car orders and with the overall process during the term of the lease contract.
We also collect all the data from all their suppliers: costs, vehicle data, driver data, which is consolidated enabling us to deliver specific customer reporting which they can upload into their systems.

Three tips for efficient fleet management

  1. You need knowledge

Knowledge on taxation, greening the fleet, but also knowledge of what lies in the future which is very important. After all, it’s not just about the short term but mainly about the long term. You have to make decisions about the future of your fleet and your politics based on your knowledge.

  1. Moreover, you need excellent software

Software that collects all the data which enables you to see the evolution of your costs and your fleet, including CO2 emissions for example.

  1. And finally, you need a team of experts

That team of experts helps all drivers choosing the right car and guiding them through the order process. But also with all the questions drivers have during the four to five years of the lease contract. Where should I go for maintenance? I lost my fuel card, etc.”

On choosing the right car
Leomont Wouda: “Every company, every employee sees it differently. The ‘right’ choice of company car depends on what sector you are in and the policies within your company. You, also, have to ask yourself ‘Is it future-proof?’, ‘What is the total cost of ownership?’ and what is the objective of your company?”

On a successful partnership
Leomont Wouda: “It is important to us, and a measurement of success, that at the end of the contract, the driver has been happy with the car and the service we have provided, but also that the contract has stayed within budget.”

Consulting, new to TraXall’s offering
Leomont Wouda: “Consulting is a new branch within our company. Why? Because we find that our clients need project-based consulting in addition to the strategic management of our account managers. Project-based: how do I deal with the transition to electrification? How do I deal with taxation? I have a restructuring and I have a lot of cars in the car park. How do I deal with pool management?
How am I going to redistribute that? We are working on those kinds of projects for existing clients, but also for clients who have not yet outsourced the fleet to us. We address that by defining with the customer: “What is the project?” “What is the assignment?” Our consultant then carries out that assignment and for our existing customers, then the account manager will follow up.
We provide the whole package: in addition to operational and strategic management, we can offer consulting to meet the needs of those very large companies that deal with those complex issues.”?

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