Fleet management: trends 2021

We noticed in 2020 that the world can change completely overnight. Companies were forced to make adjustments or completely reorientate themselves. In the fleet management sector, too, we saw clear shifts. Making a forecast for the coming year is therefore not easy. Kurt Martens, Strategic Account Manager at TraXall Belgium, is cautious, but does list the following trends.


Move to green mobility
The trend towards more green and electric cars and electrification of the company fleet has already started in 2020 and will continue in 2021, reaching cruising speed. More and more companies are offering employees the option of choosing greener motorizations.


Flex income plans more popular
Flex income plans are gaining popularity among several companies. This is the system whereby all the employees’ fringe benefits are converted into euros, which they can then use to set their own budget depending on their personal preferences. The company car is thus becoming less of a stand-alone, and is viewed as one of many possible employee benefits.


More fiscal adjustments
Everyone is waiting to see what initiatives the federal government will take regarding company cars. Until now, we have only seen an increase in the benefit in kind of around 9%, but logically, there will be changes. We can only hope that these changes are embedded in a long-term vision on mobility.


From sole supply model to multibid model
Among leasing companies, we see that prices are on an upward trend and that the differences between the players are widening. Companies that are forced to make savings due to the corona crisis will further increase their risk aversion and focus on ROI. We therefore expect that companies currently using a sole supply model will be more inclined to move to a multibid model where multiple suppliers are quoted in order to optimise costs.


TraXall Belgium as fleet management partner
Do you see major challenges in 2021 for your company in terms of fleet management? Then TraXall Belgium is your ideal partner. We manage the fleet of large companies from A to Z. View all our services here. Count on the strategic advice of our experts who will support you in change processes. Our clients rely on our automation tools to monitor their fleet in real time and with all the necessary details. We are not an intermediary but a reliable partner.

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