What does an ICT professional do at TraXall Belgium?

We have known for longer than today that we have champions at TraXall Belgium. But in the case of Kris Vaelen, ICT at TraXall, you can take that literally. In 2017 he won the gold medal at the Belgian bowling championships. He tells all about it and of course about his position at TraXall Belgium in this blog post.

Sharing knowledge

Kris has a mathematical knot. He graduated as a Master of Mathematics and then went to work at a spin-off of the university. From the start he combined the job as an ICT professional with teaching in order to share his knowledge with others. When his family expanded with two beautiful daughters, he decided to focus solely on IT consulting, a job where he could both carry out projects for clients and give workshops, and always with a great deal of passion. Yet you never find Kris behind a laptop in his spare time. He is a fervent fisherman and as chairman of a local political party and chairman of a bowling club he has his hands more than full. He won four medals at the Belgian bowling championships. The highlight is a gold medal in 2017.

From A to Z

With over 20 years of experience in his pocket, Kris joined TraXall Belgium 5.5 years ago. “That was the moment when the group grew rapidly and the need arose to develop an IT platform of its own in Belgium. I then realised the software for TraXall Belgium together with colleagues from France. In close consultation with the management, I first looked at which new tools we wanted to build and which we wanted to adapt. We always did this with the needs of our customers in mind, but also with what we as a company wanted to achieve. I am very proud of those results,” says Kris. “I found it super interesting and challenging to build everything from A to Z: from the functional analysis to the end result,” Kris continues.

“I still do that today, but now I belong to an international group of ICT professionals,” says Kris. “When developing tools, things can sometimes get quite complex because each country has its own specific legislation. What’s more, I find it fascinating to work for new customers with specific requirements in this constantly changing sector. Take the mobility story, as TraXall Belgium we play an important role in this. In the past you only had the lease car, but nowadays this also includes electric bicycles, train subscriptions and so on. And that makes my job very interesting. Every day is different,” confirms Kris.

Helicopter view

I love working at TraXall Belgium because in my job I am very close to the business, which is often different in large corporate companies. I have to look at things from a broad perspective, have a helicopter view, as it were, but also be able to work in depth,” says Kris. “I would advise anyone who wants to achieve a lot in the long term to join TraXall Belgium. A varied job with a lot of responsibility. That’s why I started working at TraXall Belgium and I intend to do so for a long time to come”.

Are you interested in working at TraXall Belgium after reading Kris’ story? Then be sure to let us know. Send your CV to info@traxall.be for the attention of Mia Hennebel and who knows, see you soon.

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