AbbVie: From a limited choice list with pre-defined models and options to a full TCO budget approach with only full electric cars in each category

AbbVie Belgium wants to move to a fully electric company car fleet as soon as possible. As a biopharmaceutical company, they provide advanced solutions to unmet medical needs. But their social responsibility goes much wider. Preserving our environment is a priority for them, which also means they want to switch to a green fleet quickly. TraXall supports AbbVie as an independent partner in this entire process and takes full control of the fleet management.


Updated car policy

TraXall Belgium guided AbbVie to a new car policy based on a full TCO budget approach with only 100% electric vehicles in every category for each car to be renewed. In addition, TraXall Belgium takes full control of fleet management. This means that AbbVie employees order their new company car in TraXall’s Car Configurator tool and the full order process with the AbbVie selected lease suppliers is managed by TraXall in a multi-bid environment. The dedicated TraXall Fleet Operators are available to help the AbbVie employees with any question they may have throughout the duration of the lease contract.

A successful transition towards an electric fleet also means a smooth collaboration with all the different parties. And this is where AbbVie succeeds brilliantly. “TraXall supported us in a neutral way in choosing our partners. Just think of the electric charging company and the fuel card supplier for the drivers who still have a combustion vehicle. Moreover, we are also very satisfied with TraXall Belgium’s quick and successful implementation of our two international leasing suppliers.”, says Renaud Decroix, General Manager of AbbVie BeLux.



AbbVie BeLux is pleased to join TraXall and decided to turn to TraXall to meet its environmental commitments as soon as possible. Given the complexity of the transition to a 100 % green fleet, we were seduced by the expertise of TraXall and its driver support tool, the car configurator.”, says Renaud Decroix, General Manager of AbbVie BeLux.


A full TCO budget approach with more choice of electric cars in each category

The decision to move from a fixed car list to a full TCO approach is very thoughtful. The first advantage for AbbVie is that they now save time to include, for example, new models, motorisations etc. in the employee’s list of choices. There is no more research to be done to check whether the car can be added to the car list or not. Secondly, there is also now no more discussion around the change of versions, motorisations and equipment. Everything within the TCO and the rules of the policy are available to employees. And this perfectly works thanks to TraXall’s Car Configurator tool used by AbbVie.


Ambitious goals

AbbVie wants to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible. This transition helps them in achieving their ambitious goals. At the same time, they also keep their costs under control because for every company car with emissions, the tax deductibility gradually reduces to zero. In addition, this also means for their employees that the benefit in kind does not increase any further. By responding in this way, they avoid skyrocketing costs. And of course, this way AbbVie also puts itself in the spotlight as an attractive employer.

AbbVie is right on board with the trend toward an electric fleet with this innovative and future-proof approach.


International collaboration

AbbVie is not only a customer of TraXall in Belgium, but through TraXall International it manages AbbVie’s fleet in many more countries such as Switzerland, the UK, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain. Why we work with TraXall? “The benefits of collaborating on international level with TraXall are numerous. For example, the multi-bidding approach generating substantial savings, the support at local level to manage our fleet according to local needs, the preparation of our fleet for the upcoming tax changes and the phasing out of fossil fuel vehicles in cities and wherever appropriate.”, concludes Regucki Wojciech, EMEA Fleet Manager at AbbVie.


AbbVie’s mission and key figures


The motivation of all employees at AbbVie lies in our ambition to see patients feel better, live better, without limits. We are working on the science of tomorrow in 5 therapeutic areas, namely, immunology, oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, and virology.”, Renaud Decroix, General Manager AbbVie BeneLux


AbbVie is a biopharmaceutical company based on research and innovation. They put their expertise and people at the service of patients with complex, chronic and debilitating diseases. With their unique approach to innovation, they aim to improve patients’ quality of life.

  • Worldwide, 52 million patients are treated with AbbVie’s medicines every year.
  • Their therapies can treat 33 different conditions, from infants to seniors.
  • Their treatments are used in more than 175 countries.

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