“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”


That’s the motto of Vincent Appeltans, Account Manager at TraXall Belgium. He shares his journey about his first 100 days at TraXall Belgium.

After an exciting selection process I found myself stepping into a new opportunity with TraXall Belgium in May 2023. It all led to a place that has become my professional home.

Let’s be honest. The first day at a new job can be scary. But from the moment I walked through the doors of TraXall Belgium in Mechelen, those nerves transformed into a sense of belonging. This company isn’t just a workplace; it’s a happy, hard-working team that goes the extra mile for its employees and customers.

I can count on the support of my colleagues and especially on Kurt Martens, Head of Account Management, who guides me as a mentor in my role as Account Manager.

My primary focus is maintaining excellent relationships with our customers. And let me tell you, it’s anything but a daily bore! I thrive on the energy I get from advising and servicing our clients, making each day a rewarding adventure.

Right from day one, I felt a comfy and excellent vibe about TraXall Belgium as a top employer. I’m glad to say that after 100 days, I’m still a happy TraXaller. The journey has been filled with successes, and I’m eager for many more milestones ahead.

Vincent Appeltans

Account Manager, TraXall Belgium

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